javascript change form action before submit





I however, need to invoke another function before this action is changed. This another function returns a boolean value based on a confirm dialog of JavaScript.Change the form action according to the submit button. What I want to do with this form is that when you hit submit/button to first change the value of a field and then submit the form as usual.Tags: javascript html forms onclick submit.

ExtJS - Form submit. Jquery before submitting the form.Maybe you have errors in javascripts??? Because even if action is empty, all works. For some reason if I change the input into an , the submit code works fine. Adaugareanunt is an object key: getElementById["adaugareanunt"]. "Adaugareanunt" is a string passed to the getElementById() method as argument: getElementById(adaugareanunt) JavaScript submit method. We can submit forms in following two ways in an HTML pageTo illustrate the submit() method we have created a form named "frm". When we click on the link in this form, it calls the function submitForm() defined in the