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Боевик, комедия, ужасы. Режиссер: Дэниэл М. Сейберт. В ролях: Джейк Мур, Erik Troyer Skoog, Кейт Арчер и др. Музыка: Ник Пауэлл. Продюсер: Kellen Harrel, Rob LaHaie, Дэниэл М. Сейберт. 28 Days Later is best classified as a zombie movie, but it can stand alone as one of the best horrors out there. Its packed with awesome scares and intense sequences. Its sequel, 28 Weeks Later, is also pretty good, but this one is the one to go to for the best thrills. The film doesnt reach the heights 28 Days Later achieved. Its still worth a place in any list of the best zombie films of the 21st century. Here are six other recent zombie movies equally deserving of praise. Anyone looking to acquire 28 Days Later on hard format had best keep it a secret from friends any true horror or zombie aficionado would be remiss if it werent in their collection, particularly when its available for a pittance on DVD. Zombie Apocalypse. Rage. Survival.Free movies online without downloading , high quality at 123moviestube.io. Disclaimer: 123 movies.io is absolutely legal and contain only links to other sites on the Internet : (vidup.

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tv The case for 28 days later. A zombie movie has some key ingredients: a post-apocalyptic world, a distinctive tone, and, of course, zombies (okay, yeah, in this case, "infected").In a way, the zombie apocalypse is the best thing to happen to our characters: It jolts them to life, and to action, to Heart-pounding zombie thriller breathes new undead life into horror genre. Drama, horror, sci-fi. Director: Danny Boyle. Starring: Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Christopher Eccleston and others. Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. Running time: 1:53:00. The age-old question has arisen, in the wake of an announced third movie: Which is better? 28 Days or 28 Weeks? You decide.This all changed in 2003, with the release of Danny Boyles 28 Days Later. His zombies were debatably not even zombies at all. A description of tropes appearing in 28 Days Later.

In this 2002 post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle, a literal hate plague begins taking Despite precautions to avoid the appearance of a zombie movie, the film ended up getting pigeonholed as a zombie movie anyway. It did fairly well at Создайте собственное уникальное полное описание фильма 28 Hours Later: The Zombie Movie (2010). Watch «28 Days Later» in HD quality with subtitles in different languages for free and without registration!Movies TV Series.The boys lead him to their shelter, and say that 28 days ago, a group of extremists broke into the lab and inadvertently released a virus- zombie in the world. List of the best zombie movies ever, including popular blockbusters like Zombieland, 28 Days Later, and Dawn of the Dead classic zombie flicks like the 1968s Night of the Living Dead and Comedy/ Zombie crossovers like Braindead and Shaun of the Dead. 28 Days Later packs a solid punch for zombie-movie lovers, and even for the average moviegoer. Boyles style of filmmaking is not something that Ive ever liked, but I have to admit that the movie itself was pretty good. Конечно, ничего оригинального во все этом зомби-хорроре ничего нет. Но 28 days later с лихвой окупает эту Ромеровскую вторичность огромный масштабом и запредельнымИ мы его получили best zombie-movie. The zombies, run, vomit, and have creepy blood shot eyes. The premise of the movie is similar to The Walking Dead (the 28 Days Later graphic novel was first though). Its pretty gruesome, but its a pretty good movie. 28 Days Later is a 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror/science fiction film directed by the Academy Award Winner Danny Boyle.By now, this movie has already cemented its position as one of the best, not only zombie, but horror movies of all time! 28 Days Later here as well. It is a Zombie movie, no matter what anybody says.fluffydelusions said: So no one liked 28 weeks later? I thought it was decent but 28 days later good. В июле 2009 года издательствами Boom Studios и Fox Atomic была анонсирована мини-серия комиксов в рамках вселенной 28 дней спустя (28 Days Later).Сюжет повествует о Селине и компании, пытающейся вернуться в заражённый Лондон. 3 28 Days Later. Danny Boyles epic survival tale is Dawn of The Dead in London effectively. Swapping the shopping mall of Pittsburgh for the streets ofBest Zombie Movies With Running Zombies Top Ten Zombie Movies TV Shows Top Ten Zombie Moments In Movie History Top 10 Scariest Zombie movies are all the rage these days, and films such as Danny Boyles 28 Days Later and Zack Snyders Dawn of the Dead remake can be creditedBest Zombie Movies Great Zombie Movies. This entry was posted on Monday, June 15th, 2009 at 4:20 pm and is filed under Movie Megalists. Zombies returned with a vengeance this week as Brad Pitts World War Z and Nicholas Hoults Warm Bodies unleashed their first trailers.Digital Spy takes a look back at 20 of the best zombie movies below The Girl with All the Gifts, in theaters Feb. 24th, is a new UK zombie flick that will absolutely blow you away. Both imagine their plague as an epidemic of green foliage spreading across the dilapidated modern world like a corrupting pestilence. Slushie Man. Neither Evil Dead 2, REC, nor 28 Days Later should have been on there as there are no zombies in those movies. Kind of funny that the 3rd best zombie movie doesnt even have zombies in it. With that in mind, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of the 12 Best Zombie Movies of All Time. Honorable Mention: Weekend at Bernies (1989).4. 28 Days Later (2002). After spending a month in a coma, Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up in a deserted London hospital. Dawn Of The Dead and Evil Dead to 28 Days Later and REC, the run down of the 20 best zombie horror movies you must see before they bash down the door. Few films in any genre can claim to be so influential. But is it the best zombie movie of all time?We all know that the infected of 28 Days Later arent Romero-style zombies, but the construction of the film is 100 percent zombie movie. FilmSchoolWTF June 21, 2016 Best Movies. Greatest Zombie Films Ever Made.In the 00s, the zombie genre was revisited by movies like Resident Evil and 28 Days Later. The success of these films at box office led a league of zombie films one after another. So lets stagger moaning through the annals of film history and put together a list of the Top 10 Best Zombie Movies ever made.4. 28 Days Later (2002). The debate over whether these are zombies or not can rage on, but its worth noting just because you change a couple of rules doesnt mean A good zombie movie but also more notably a good political allegory, 28 Days Later works off its innovative director, even if it is not as quick paced as one might hope from a zombie flick. Zombie movies have been scaring people for decades, but for me there is one zombie movie that beats them all 28 Days Later.28 Days Later - Best Horror Movies of the 21st Century - Продолжительность: 17:58 What The Flick?! in 28 days later, some people say they are just infected.Why put zombies in quotations? Thats exactly what they are. But I agree, best modern zombie movie. My favorite movie, period. Filed Under: Zombie News. Recent Posts. Everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera: New operators, zombies, and more. Day of the Dead: Bloodline star Sophie Skelton on George Romero, zombies, and Outlander. Director: Danny Boyle. Starring: Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Christopher Eccleston and others. 5. 28 Days Later (2002). If youre up for hardcore zombie scares, look no further than this killer-thriller from Slumdog Millionaire Oscar winner Danny Boyle. Twenty-eight days after a virus decimates London, newly zombified citizens pop up to take you down like stealth bombers. First Danny Boyles genre-evolving 28 Days Later set the stage, then came the Resident Evil adaption and Zack Snyders Dawn of the Dead remake big-budget studio films with nationwide theatrical rollouts. At the same time, indie zombie movies started getting good 28 Days Later is a good zombie movie.The movie focuses on a group of British survivors trying to make it in the zombie apocalypse. The zombie movie 28 days later is definitely worth adding to any zombie movie collection. With 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle seems to be saying that if we are going to survive this world, maybe we all ( zombies included) need to be somewhere in the middle.Best of the Web. More Movie News. Horror, science fiction, thriller. Twenty-eight days after a killer virus was accidentally unleashed from a British research facility, a small group of London survivors are caught in a desperate struggle to protect themselves from the infected. Although 28 Days Later is not your typical Zombie movie, it is a very welcome addition to the genre. The main premise of the story involves an experimental virus.Return from 28 Days Later to Best Zombie Movies Page. After finding a church, which had become inhabited by zombie like humans intent on his demise, he runs for his life.Director: Danny Boyle. Country: UK. Movie: 28 Days Later Production Co: DNA Films, British Film Council. 28 Days Later is a 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle, written by Alex Garland, and starring Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Brendan Gleeson, Megan Burns, and Christopher Eccleston. 28 Days Later Jim, the protagonist of 28 Days Later, wakes up between a deserted hospital. He wanders in London and discovers the city is almost zombie invasion because of a strange virus.Trailer: 28 Days Later. A wide selection of free online movies are available on 123 Movies . 28 Days Later is a 2002 British post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film. It was directed by Danny Boyle, and was released in the United Kingdom on November 1, 2002 and in the United States on June 27, 2003. Well true But I was kind of following the 28 Days Later theme, not a zombie movie eitherThe Walking Deads zombies are designed so realistic that all other zombie shows or movies look elementary. Best Answer. This isnt to say that veteran TV director Colm McCarthys new film is a rip-off rather, The Girl with All the Gifts refracts many key elements of The Last of Us through its own particular prism—which, in this case, is the zombie genre, and in particular, Danny Boyles 28 Days Later In 28 Days Later Jim wakes from a coma to find the UK is completely dominated by zombies in a murderous rampage.1940s Zombie Movies >. King of the Zombies. I Walked With a Zombie. 28 Days Later is the most intense zombie movie.I could talk about Dawn of the Dead all day, I really love this movie and its without a doubt my favorite zombie movie, and for my money, the best. Конечно, ничего оригинального во все этом зомби-хорроре ничего нет. Но 28 days later с лихвой окупает эту Ромеровскую вторичность огромный масштабом и запредельным драйвом.И мы его получили - best zombie-movie. 28 Days Later: Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.Def. the best zombie movie Ive seen well worth a watch!

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